Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bath Time With Theodore

There is so much to say, so much to express... so much to recap

But life with a new born (after becoming a baby loss parent) is a challenge.  And NO SLEEP is something like nothing else.  But NO SLEEP + CONSTANT WORRY YOUR CHILD WILL DIE IF YOU SLEEP... WHEN YOU SLEEP = a whole different kind of exhausted.

But... but...

I am so happy he is here and wouldn't change a thing about my new life with Theodore.

And tonight, we turned a corner in bathing this little fella. After 2 attempts in bathroom set up's that had us fumbling with a crying baby... to a sponge bath attempt that went SO WRONG and gave us a VERY unhappy baby... we finally got it down tonight, and Theo loved his bath. And my heart finally felt calm about getting this kid clean!
skin to skin with mom after a light snack
big stretches with dad
hair washed - taking like a champ!
doing SO WELL in the water
a bit of an air dry
getting dressed is NO BIG DEAL!
fresh and clean baby
rootin' for some boob!
a quick chat with mom

 mission accomplished!  fuzzy haired and fed ... ready to enjoy the night!
out cold with dad <3
NB:  He pee'd through his diaper as I was composing this last night... probably my fault... didn't have his stuff pointed the right way.  Had to change his EVERYTHING after getting so darn clean.  Pee'd through his change of clothes and discovered it at his 3AM feed.  MADE FOR AN UPSET MOMMY BECAUSE I HAD HIS THING POINTED DOWN, SO WHAT THE HELL??!?  I guess there's something about getting clean that brings on the probability of all dirty errors.  


  1. This made me lol. I just can't imagine dealing with boy equipment on a baby. Too funny. So happy for you guys.

  2. I change diapers for a living and yet we were going through several outfits a day for awhile! WTH?!
    Theo is gorgeous! Hugs Mama

  3. Your baby boy is so beautiful. I am so happy for you. And I am so right there with you with the worry that your precious newborn will stop breathing in the night...the amount of times I leap out of bed to feel for her little baby breaths against my hand... My little rainbow is 3 weeks old now, but we've only had her home from hospital for half that time and are simultaneously awed and terrified still, especially at bath time! I really am just so thrilled for your family.

  4. Theo has such a wise look to him. I love all of these pics, but especially the ones with you in them! Congratulations, mama! Enjoy these days because they grow so so fast!

  5. Angel Care saved me for quite awhile. Such beautiful pictures!! I'm so sorry about the boy parts malfunctions, I have no clue how to deal with that.