Friday, 23 August 2013

4 Months of Handsome

I haven't come to this space enough to update about this little fellow who has completely changed my life, and turned it upside down in a way I never thought possible.

He is turning into such a little person of his own, I cannot believe my eyes most days.

Still doesn't like sleeping..

.. we gotta work on that... cuz well.. it's getting a little crazy every day with the singing, rocking, shushing, patting, constant holding and coaxing ...

He's doing OK at night.  He's teething, and things were baaaaad for a few weeks straight.  But he's turned a corner again, and is once again (KNOCKS WOOD) doing 4-6 hours when first put down.  Everything else... we're working out the kinks regarding our strategies for success.

Without further ado

Theodore is 4 months old today.  Well done my boy.  Well done.


  1. oh goodness, how is he already 4 months?! What a cutie!! Looks like he has some attitude ;)

    I feel you on the bad sleeping, Livia is almost 13 months and has been a terrible sleeper for about 1/2 of those months. Last night she nursed/rolled around, squirmed for AN HOUR to fall asleep, then when I tiptoed out of the room to get a drink of water, she woke back up and was up until 11 pm!! I think some kids just need less sleep than the "14 hours per day" that you see posted everywhere. Oops sorry didn't mean to vent on your post. Hope you get some sleep soon!

    1. "establishing" proper sleep habits seem to be beyond Theodore. We did all the "right" things when he was just a wee newborn... and when he started to come out of his newborn stuper, we made sure to nap him in his crib, and had a very routine bed time... and somewhere along the lines he just stopped being able to sleep unassisted during the day. Now, he's always held for naps, and stirs and needs patting and rocking to make sure he stays asleep for more than 40 minutes. Like, right now! Daniel is holding him to make sure he gets a good 2 hour nap in!

      It's a little nuts. I still feel he's getting 12-15 hours (as the experts say is needed at this age) but it's at the expense of my freedom in my own home!!

      I've started co-sleeping with Theo during the second half of the night just so I can get some decent rest.. but it's not that decent really! It's just a more comfortable form of not really sleeping. He's back to doing 4.5 hours in the crib next to our bed... then the rest of the night is a total coin toss. Sometimes he'll sleep soundly next to me in bed for another 3 hours (and I'll sleep too!) and sometimes he's up stirring after 40 minutes, where I then have to put him on my chest... then back on the bed, then back on my chest.. and we do that dance for about 2-3 hours before Daniel finally takes him downstairs so I can get a fews hours solid - so I don't lose my mind!

      Don't worry about venting. I do most of my venting on other people's comment sections on their blogs!

  2. Oh well done handsome Theodore, and look at all that hair! Leif was born with a mohawk but it all fell out by 3 months. It's growing back now. At 7 months I still have to do a whole lot of coaxing, shushing and rocking in a quiet area to get Leif to sleep. And I hear ya about teething. I'm using teething tablets (Hyland's) right now. I think it's helping a little.

    I love his hat. That's beautiful. <3

    Thinking of you and Theodore and big brother Alexander. xx

    1. At this stage, I'd say Theo hair is in a "regrowth". He was so full of dark brown (almost black) hair all the way up to 2.5-3 months old... then he started to lose it all around the middle of his head. I think it was from the wrap material rubbing against his scalp. And before we knew it, he was amost completely bald!! The only parts that were left were the tiny mohawk, and the patch above his neck. He has since started to grow some out... but it's SUCH a difference from when he was say, 6 weeks old.

      We tried the Hylands. Not sure if they worked. We only tried them for 2 nights with minimal doses, and decided they didn't make a huge enough impact on his temperment to continue use. I think Theo is at more of an "uncomfortable" stage. Probably feels something is different in his mouth, maybe an itchy irritated feeling more so than pain. I think when he actually starts cutting teeth - we'll try the tablets again.

      The bear wearing the hat was a gift from Daniel's mother and sister when Theo was born. They had it custom made and gave it to me/him the day after he was delivered. It really touched me in how sensitive they were to our (and their) loss when Theo was born.

  3. oh those thighs. those delicious, pudgy thighs. good work mom.

  4. I'm still surprised that all that fatty yumminess is from breastmilk alone. Diapers are getting harder to change with those pudgy thighs in the way!

    Thanks you Caroline :)

  5. Love his thighs! And Zuzu is having some hair envy over here. :) Congrats on the 4-month mark.

  6. Such a cutie! Just think what good friends he and M could be if we didn't live across the country from each other!

  7. Goodness, what a cutie! Look at those yummy baby thighs!