Tuesday, 12 November 2013

1/2 Birthday

Theo needs to go down for a nap, and I've been itching to get this blog post out of my system for some time now.  So Daniel took Theo to a nearby mall/centre in the ergo to free up the house and hopefully have some lights out for our little man.
I feel this event needed recognition in a blog post.
Is it just the BLM community that thinks half birthdays are a pretty big deal?  My mother was one of the only people in my family to specifically acknowledge this milestone.  It made me a little sad.  Maybe I'm not openly celebrating my child's life enough?  Because I think having a baby alive and well for 6 whole months is crazy lucky.  And I'm so thankful that I'm able to have him to hold and love on.  I want to ask my family if they know how fragile I still think his life is.  6 months of him is still beyond me.  But maybe it's not beyond them.  Maybe the assumption of his aliveness is part of their every day, where the assumption of his eventual demise still plays tricks with my mental state. 
Is it that I didn't ever think I'd get here?  Is it that I don't want to jinx things with parading my sons aliveness around... because I'm still kind of waiting for the other shoe to fall...?  Yes to both.  But either way, I wanted an out pour of acknowledgement with marching band type status when he rounded this corner... and I didn't get anything really. 
On October 23rd, Theodore Alexander turned 6 months old.  Huge.  Amazing.  Mind blowing.  Or at least that's how I felt about it. 
(A certain someone had a baby on September 25th, and sent out a family wide email on October 25th with a one month professional photo shoot and a baby update in toe.  That certain someone didn't send me anything on October 23rd to wish Theodore a happy 6th month birthday.  And that certain someone has 100% checked out their interest in Theodore's life and his day to day.  Makes me feel a little grumpy and all well I wont ask about you and your baby either!! But that's not my nature.  I don't want to be selfish just because I'm getting a selfish snub from someone else.  But anyway... maybe I'll save that for another post!)
How is it that he's now closer to a year old than he is to the day he was born?  My baby is growing up (so fast!) and all of this precious infant sweetness is slipping through my fingers.  I'm 2 and a half weeks late to this post, and he's already a TOTALLY different baby boy in recent pictures!

He looks like a giant in these shots.
I cant even begin to tell you all the amazing things he's up to these days.  So grabby and coordinated.  He flips from tummy to back with so much vigour it's a little scary.  We have to put a pillow on one side of his crib because he rolls so forcefully into it that it wakes him up every time he does it.  And yes, it terrifies me that there is a big soft plushy pillow in my child's crib.  But Daniel said to me, "he's a big boy now, he'll be ok".  Big Boy?!?  Made me so sad, but it's true.  I've seen him get out of some pretty sticky situations while fully asleep, so I'm confident he wont suffocate himself.  He's an incredibly light sleeper.  I don't want to clear him out of the SIDS category and speak so balsy in regards to his well being... but without that pillow, he might give himself a concussion. 
I'm tight for time, and I really want to get this post up.  So, here are some shots of a less enthusiastic 6 month old having his picture taken.  I think they're cute and hilarious because they really capture his personality.  He's not one for sitting still, or waiting on me for ANYTHING.  And it's certainly written all over his face here.

SO done with this business

seriously?!? we're still doing this!?
But I wanted to share this boy at 6 months old with everyone and anyone who reads here. 

 I think it's a pretty big deal to turn 6 months old.  And I think he's a pretty big deal too.

Happy 6 months Theodore.  Only 6 more months of me putting you through these photo shoots.  I'm sure you'll give me all you've got regarding your willingness to comply in the months to come ;)


  1. I just want to add...

    Alexander was born feb 27 and theo was conceived aug 18 and we found out we were pregnant on sept 7.

    This age theo is at now is exactly the age Alexander would have been when we conceived Theodore.

    I can't imagine getting pregnant again right now and dealing with a pregnancy AND an infant. But I would have done so in a second if it meant I got to keep both of my boys and have them here together.

  2. Theo is definitely a big deal! :) So is six months.
    Bear and Bode are exactly 17 months apart and I can't imagine having babies at home so close in age and yet I desperately wish I was dealing with that crazy reality. I get how hard it is to wrap your brain around.
    Super cute photo shoot!

  3. He is dreamy and I love those chunky little thighs.

    Yeah, the age thing and thinking about getting pregnant again... crazy. I reflect on those kind of dates a lot.

  4. He is fabulous! So cute! I love his chubby thighs. And I totally understand wanting to make a big deal out of his half birthday. I wanted so badly for someone to throw me a party for M after he was born. I would've done it myself, but I wasn't sleeping, ever, and he was on me all the time, so it was hard to plan. I dropped hints like crazy and nobody bit and all I could think was: how can no one else see what a bloody miracle it is that he's here with us? Throw him an effing party for pete's sake!!

    Theo is a beautiful boy; I would've loved to see what Alexander would be like at this age.

    1. Nobody thought of throwing a party for Leif after he was born and I wish someone would have too. I often wonder why others don't/can't open their eyes and minds as to what a flipping miracle it is that he's here too.

  5. What a handsome, cute little guy! Love these pics!

  6. He is so beautiful and such a big deal!! I love his photo shoot, so cute.

    We take monthly shots too. I love documenting Leif's growth and of course i'm completely aware of what a miracle it is that we actually get to watch him grow. J and I are constantly talking about "this time last year" and reflecting back on Leif's extremely high risk pregnancy and how we can't believe he is really here with us. The monthly shots are fun for sure but also incredibly meaningful which most people in my real life don't get.

    Theodore Alexander you are incredible and amazing and I love watching you grow here and on IG.

  7. Yup, to all of this. To the dates, to knowing your little guy is growing up (!!!!) and how incredible it all seems to be that it's actually happening.